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trade-fair success

The main informational author of the project is RadioAmator Publishing House

We invite the cooperation of project participants and sponsors!

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities allow you to promote your company both during the exhibition EEA 2020 and long before it.

By sponsoring, you can make the most of the exhibition’s commercial potential and create a memorable image of a strong brand.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities of EEA 2020 allow you to:

  • Promote your brand to a target professional audience
  • Attract more visitors to your stand
  • Stand out from other companies and gain competitive advantages
  • Strengthen your market position and awareness of your brand
  • Showcase new products and services

Sponsorship Packages

General Sponsor

General Sponsor status is provided exclusively.

General Sponsor status is available when ordering an area of ​​40 square meters or payment of EUR 5000.

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Official Partner

Official Partner status is available when payment of EUR 2000.

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exclusive and special statuses

Terms of the special Sponsor packages and other special statuses within the limits of ЕЕА 2020 given upon request.

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sponsors of "creative workshop"

Organizational payment of EUR 400.

Additionally Sponsors of the Creative workshop must provide for visitors materials, equipments and consultant from a company-sponsor:

  • Sector of Electronic Components, equipment and materials: free standards of electronic components, technological materials for soldering and professional soldering equipment.
  • Sector of Test and measurement equipment: possibility of testing of new measuring equipment.
  • Sector of Automation and electrical engineering : after an individual agreement.

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partners of the job fair

Organizational payment of EUR 200.

Additionally partners must provide vacancies in one of industries:

  • Electronic Components
  • Contract manufacturing of electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Automation

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We can discuss individually formed package, which suits your company’s advertising goals and budget.

For more detailed information please contact event team: or

+38 044-291-00-28

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General sponsor and Official partners of exhibition of ЕЕА 2020 additionally get:

1. Placing Company name and logo on the web-site of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020.

2. Placing of Company logo on all selling and marketing aids of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020, and also - badges and invitations.

3. Placing of description of activity of Company with pin information on a web-site ЕЕА 2020.

4. There is a press-release that a company became Sponsor of exhibition-forum ЕЕА 2020.

5. A logotype and company of Sponsor name are in electronic distribution on the base of companies, that work in industry of electronics, electrical engineering and automation.

6. Placing of information about Sponsor on the page of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020 in Facebook.

7. Free placing of advertisement block of Sponsor on a 1 page in the catalogue of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020.

8. Interviews of representative of company of Sponsor and photo of stand are in final press-release.

9. Printing of congratulatory appeal of leader of company of the General sponsor to the participants in the catalogue of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020.

10. Placing of the General sponsor logo on the diplomas of participants of exhibition-forum of ЕЕА 2020.